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Children's Dentistry

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We are all moms here at Infinity Dental Care so we understand the importance of finding the right dentist for our children, someone who will care for them in the utmost way possible. Many parents first question is, "When should I bring my child in?" Eruption of teeth can vary greatly for each child. Many children will begin to develop teeth between 6 to 9 months of age; however, it is not uncommon for a 12 month old to have 8 or less teeth. It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) that all children visit their pediatric dentist for an examination by the age of 1. At this point any questions or concerns regarding the development of your child’s teeth can be addressed.

What to Expect on First Visit...

Upon arrival at Infinity Dental Care, our Friendly Office Manager, Jennie, will greet you at our front desk and provide you with all paperwork necessary for treatment of your child. Soon after, our Patient Care Manager, Danielle, will meet you and your child in our reception area and escort you to one of our treatment rooms. Once you have arrived in our treatment area, all paperwork, will be reviewed with you regarding any allergies, medical conditions and/or dental concerns related to your child.Children 18 months and under.  For most children 18 months and under we will perform a quick visual inspection of their teeth addressing any concerns with you as the parent. We will review topics of diet and nutrition, tooth eruption, how to properly clean your child’s teeth as well as providing tips on how to prevent Early Childhood Caries. We may also do a “show and tell” with your child, demonstrating the various instruments used during a typical cleaning. Even at this early age your child may allow us to perform an entire cleaning for them! We will then have Dr. Karey Rainey Maxwell perform an exam of your child’s teeth and mouth and address any additional concerns you may have. Then it's time to go the treasure box where child may pick a small toy.

Children 18 to 24 months and older

For children 18 to 24 months, we will accompany your child while they pick out a toothbrush and toothpaste to be used for their cleaning. Your child will then be escorted to one of our treatment chairs where they will be able to relax and watch a show while having their teeth cleaned, which includes cleaning, flossing, fluoride application (to help strengthen the teeth) and dental x-rays (as necessary). We will also discuss topics of diet and nutrition, tooth eruption, and how to properly clean your child’s teeth. We will begin providing dental care to your child with the “tell show do” method, where each instrument used will be shown and explained to your child. A wonderful book, "Show Me Your Smile," by Christine Ricci, is a great story to read in preparation of your child's visit. Most children really enjoy their first visit, and even say, "that was FUN!!" So, come meet some of our friends, “Mr. or Miss Thirsty” and their parents, "Squirt," a water gun and "Shiny," our special toothbrush. Once your child’s dental cleaning is completed, Dr. Maxwell will perform a complete examination of your child’s teeth and mouth addressing any additional concerns you may have. Then it's off to the treasure box where you child may pick a toy.

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